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Wine Facts

Here a few Wine Facts.

It takes one cluster of grapes to make one glass of wine.

There are approximately 75 – 100 grapes to a cluster (depending on the grape type).

There are 5 glasses of wine per 750ml bottle.

There are approximately four cluster to a 750ml bottle of wine.

One barrel yields 25 cases of 750ml bottles.

One vine produces approximately 40 clusters.

One vine produces approximately 10 bottles of wine.

It takes 30 vines to make one barrel.

There are 60 gallons to a barrel of wine.

Most plantings have about 400 vines to an acre.

One ton yields between 500 – 600 bottles of wine.

One acre yields approximately 5 tons of grapes.

Now that you know, you can have a Grape Day!


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