Grapevine Furniture - Grapevine Tables - Old Vine Tables

This Grapevine furniture is the best quality you will find anywhere.

Grapevine Tables are an exquisite work of art. The grapevine base is sculpted from retired grapevines. Imagine yourself at your favorite vineyard enjoying a glass of wine. This will be an elegant addition to your grapevine decor.

An Old Vine Table will be treasured for years!

Cabernet Sauvignon Dining Table
Grapevine Dining Table
$3,675.00 and up
Chardonnay Grapevine Console Table
Grapevine Console Table
$1,775.00 and up
Syrah Grapevine Cocktail Table
Grapevine Cocktail Table
$2,000.00 and up
Pinot Noir Grapevine End Table
Grapevine End Table
$1,225.00 and up
Custom Grapevine Light
Custom Grapevine Lighting
$1,200.00 and up