Cellar Elves - The Elves Themselves

The Elves Themselves - Cellar Elves

These Cellar Elves are a The Elves Themselves Whitehurst Company Collectible. Celebrate your love of wine year round. Start your collection today. Quantities are limited.

The perfect Wine Gift. These Cellar Elves will bring a bit of whimsy to your wine collection.

To say the Cellar Elves like a drink now and then is like saying that hummingbirds like nectar. No greater understatement could possibly be made!

The Elves Themselves Cellar Elf Hirshel
Cellar Elf Hirshel
Cellar Elf Duncan - The Elves Themselves
Cellar Elf Duncan
Cellar Elf Christopher - The Elves Themselves
Cellar Elf Christopher
Cellar Elf Marcellus - The Elves Themselves
Cellar Elf Marcellus
Cellar Elf Bradley - The Elves Themselves
Cellar Elf Bradley
Sommelier Nutcracker - The Elves Themselves
Sommelier Nutcracker
Wine Waiter Nutcracker - The Elves Themselves
Wine Waiter Nutcracker

Most Cellar Elves trace their heritage back to Central Europe and the Coast of France. Wine has always been quite prevalent in these areas. The Cellar Elves just seem to find well-stocked cellars wherever they are. They love to dust, rotate, taste, clean, organize, taste, and in general care for the cellar they have taken up residence. They are a truly distinguished group of elves, as distinguished elves go and their presence in any cellar is warm insurance for the proper care and aging of fine wines. They are known to sneak sips of unattended or temporarily abandoned wine glasses and have a way of separating the sediment from the remaining dregs of even the oldest bottles of fine wine. When a bottle is not completely consumed, it is a good bet that the Cellar Elves will be sleeping in the next day. Their presence in the cellar is also a good indication that the cellar is a particularly nice cellar or cellaret. Any cellar with less than 2000 bottles was to be considered a cellaret. However, the elves are quick to add that even a well-stocked cellaret can be a fun place to reside for a year or two.