Party Jewelry - Cocktail Jewelry - Bar Jewelry

You will be ready for a night on the town wearing this fun Party Jewelry. Find Cocktail Jewelry featuring martini earrings, magarita earrings, Cosmopolitain earrings and beer mug earrings.

Are you looking for a pair of fun earrings to wear to your next party, on vacation, or just out shopping? Take a look at our great selection of bar jewelry.

What a great 21st birthday gift or college graduation gift idea. Choose your poison, it's time to celebrate!

We also offer fun wine jewelry, Grape Jewelry, Eco Friendly Jewelry or Wine Glass Charms.

Martini Earrings - Martini Jewelry
Martini Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Cosmopolitan Jewelry - Cosmo Earrings
Cosmopolitan Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Margarita Earrings - Margarita Jewelry
Margarita Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Beer Jewelry - Beer Mug Earrings
Beer Mug Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Beer Jewelry - Green Beer Mug Earrings
Green Beer Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Apple Martini Jewelry - Apple-Tini Earrings
Apple-tini Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Mai Tai Earrings - Mai Tai Jewelry
Mai Tai Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Bloody Mary Earrings
Bloody Mary Jewelery
$39.95 and up
Tropical Drink Jewelry Tropical Drink Earrings
Tropical Drink Jewelry
$39.95 and up
Margarita Earrings - Bamboo
Margarita Earrings
Fleur de Lis Earrings  - Bamboo
Fleur de Lis Earrings

The Party Jewelry shown above will make wonderful gifts.