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Reusable Shopping bag
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Go Green with this Reusable Shopping Bag (made with 60% recycled material). If used weekly, these tote bags will help reduce the use of plastic bag consumption. This burgundy shopping bag is made of premium quality non-woven polypropylene. It measures a generous 13 inches wide x 15 inches high x 10 inches deep with 20 inch carrying handles.

Here is some information about Reusable Shopping Bags and how YOU can make a difference!

Our goal is to make it easier for you to take action and do something positive for the environment. Believe me, you'll feel great every time you use these wonderful earth friendly bags.

By switching to reusable shopping bags we can reduce pollution, our carbon foot print and help save the environment, just one person would save over 22,000 plastic bags.

When asked Paper or Plastic? Reply, neither!

Here a few facts that you may not have known about paper and plastic bags:

  • It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce the amount of plastic bags the United States uses per year.
  • Think paper bags are better? The United States cuts down 14 million trees per year simply to supply the demand for paper shopping bags and it requires 13% more energy to produce one single paper bag than to produce two plastic bags.
  • Paper bags are made with chemicals processed at high temperatures, releasing many toxins into the atmosphere at much the same rate as plastic production.

Make a commitment to switch to reusable shopping bags, start today!

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Reusable Shopping bag
Reusable Shopping bag dimensions