Bark Vineyards - Wine (non-alcoholic) for your Dog and Cat

Bark Vineyards Dog Wine
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Wine for your dog and cat? Yes, a gourmet treat experience awaits the canine or feline who receives a bottle of the Bark Vineyards' Varietals. Turn any meal into a gourmet meal by pouring the au-jus (alcohol free) directly over your pet's entrée.

  • Bark Vineyards Barkundy captures the savory flavors of its natural ingredients producing a delightfully appetizing bouquet that will tempt the most finicky of quadruped connoisseurs. This varietal will compliment any dining menu. While you have your Burgundy, they can have their Barkundy.
  • Bark Vineyards Pinot Leasheo is a perfectly balanced marriage of flavors that will appeal to the most discriminating tastes. An anticipated, unique treat which to conclude any day. It might also be an enticing appetizer.
  • Bark Vineyards Sauvignon Bark is a wonderful blend of chicken broth, spices and vegetables offered up in a most unique presentation. A welcome addition to the diet of discerning creatures, this Sauvignon Bark is sure to be a favorite.
  • Bark Vineyards White Sniff ‘N’ Tail has the unmistakable aroma of fragrant salmon, combined with all the nutrients of delectable sweet potatoes. Now imagine your loved four legged member of the family savoring every delicious drop of the sweet nectar of Bark Vineyards White Sniff-n-Tail.

All Bark Vineyards varietals are bottled in 750 ml. bottles (25.3 fl. oz). They are made with all natural ingredients including: Water, dehydrated beef broth, dehydrated chicken broth, salmon powder, dehydrated sweet potato, dehydrated apple, potato flakes, dehydrated carrot, lactic acid, xanthan gum, dehydrated parsley, garlic powder, dehydrated oregano.

This is unique gift for the wine lover and pet lover on your list! Why not share a bottle with your best friend?

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Bark Vineyards Dog Wine