Rojaus Grapevine Wine Decanter

rojaus grapevine wine decanter
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Serve your favorite wine from this elegantly designed RoJaus Grapevine Decanter. This unique grapevine decanter features a stainless steel construction along with custom blown glass.

As wine is poured into the decanter, it wraps around the wine bubble exposing it to the air. The bouquet is released and the wine is allowed to breathe. The wine is filtered through a fine wire mesh screen and into the decanter.

Your wine is now aerated and ready to be enjoyed through the rojaus dispenser nozzle right into your glass.

The Rojaus Wine Decanter measures 25 inches high x 9 inches wide x 12 1/2 inches deep.

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rojaus grapevine wine decanterrojaus wine bubblerojaus wine nozzle