Ravenscroft Torus Wine Decanter

Ravenscroft torus crystal wine decanter
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Ravenscroft sommelier wine decanters are produced from ancient mineral deposits free of impurities. Using such pure raw materials eliminates the need to add lead content in order to produce brilliant crystal.

This beautiful Ravenscroft Torus Crystal Wine Decanter is 9 1/2 inches tall by 6 3/4 inches wide with a total capacity of 36 oz.

  • 100% Lead Free
  • Hand Blown
  • Varietal Specific
  • Dishwasher Safe

This Ravenscroft Torus Crystal Decanter is shown with suggested use single 750 ml bottle of wine.

Pure, clean crystal, over the past four decades, the world of wine has experienced a renaissance in the development of wine and spirits glass design. Most recently, it was discovered that lead in glasses and wine decanters presents an unacceptable exposure to hazardous toxins. Long-term storage in leaded wine decanters can result in lead leaching into the contents.

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Ravenscroft torus crystal wine decanter