Military Wine Bottle Cheese Tray - Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy

Army Wine Bottle Tray
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Price: $44.95 and up
Availability: discontinued
Prod. Code: 112037W

The perfect military gifts for wine enthusiast and military friends and loved ones. These recycled wine bottle platters will be perfect at your next wine and cheese party.

These recycled wine bottles are engraved with US Military logos, Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. You can personalize this bottle with your name and rank to make it more special for only $5.00 more. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery if personalized.

These recycled wine art pieces are beautiful and functional. You can put the cheese platter in the refrigerator or freezer to chill the glass to keep your food cold during serving. It can be warmed in the oven to keep food warm and it is dishwasher safe.

These handcrafted Wine Bottle Cheese Trays are perfect as a cheese serving platter, a Cheese and Cracker Tray, a Lemon and Lime Board, an Appetizer Serving Platter, a Fruit Tray, a Sushi Server, a Bread and Butter Tray or a Jewelry or Key Holder.

These recycled products are one of a kind gift and are proudly made in the USA!

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Wine Bottle Cheese Tray