Don't Break the Bottle Wine Caddy

Don't break the bottle metal wine caddy
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Are you looking for a unique wine gift?

This elegant and functional metal wine caddy is a puzzle in disguise. This is a sure fire conversation starter. Slide your wine bottle into the wine caddy, lock the puzzle device and use it as your centerpiece. Laughter will flow. Tears will flow. Hopefully someone will solve the puzzle so you can all enjoy the wine! You can use the wine caddy as your wine server. Just remember, Don't Break the Bottle!

This fun wine puzzle fits standard wine, herb vinegar, olive oil, and soda bottles.

This wine bottle holder includes 1 metal wine caddy, 1 bottle cap coil, 1 locking device and instructions.

Also available in Don't Break the Bottle original, corkscrew and wine press versions!

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Don't break the bottle wine caddy